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Supplements and what to use

Here you can have some tips in the jungle of supplements, what I use and what I have tried. Also what trends are, I worked in the supplement industry several years and saw the popularity and trends. 

What I use today.

  • Zinc

  • Digestive enzyms

  • Joint fusion (fairing product) 

  • Omega-3

  • Amino acids 

  • Fast carbs (during my workouts) 

  • Whey protein powder (not everyday)

  • Vitamin-D

  • Glutamin

  • Creatine (I will start using it soon again) 

If I have to choose only 3 products

  • Zinc

  • Digestive enzyms

  • Omega-3

For me these are the top 3 I would choose if I only could maybe afford 3 products 

Supplements are only secondary

Remember that supplements are only secondary and it is not something that you replace your normal/real food with. Have your food and nutrition down first then you can add supplements if you need it. 
There is a lot of factors that matters if you need supplements or not, most people use them even if they don't need it and others don't use them but they might need it. 

That is something we look at and see how good your nutrition is, what type of training you do and how hard are you training etc.