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Find your why with Mike Eskola Coaching


Who I am?

My name is Mike Eskola and my journey as an athlete started when I was a kid but it all developed me to who I am today and that is a bodybuilder and a personal trainer. My passion for training and health is super strong, at first I dedicated 10 years to the gym and educated myself in nutrition with trial and error. Then after 10 years I decided I wanted to start and help people, so I educated myself to a personal trainer which helped me to increase my already big knowledge bank. I believe in experience and not just education, so more then 10 years now + education makes my a good coach.


What do you want help with?

Lifestyle package

This is the program I recommend the most and it is for you who want to work together month to monthand you will have my eyes and help all the time. We have weekly meetings/calls and update your program after how everything goes. You can stop whenever you feel you don’t need it anymore, there are no binding time on this program. If you live in the same town as me 1 PT workout is included each week also.

Nutrition package

You will get a individual nutrition program that will meet your needs and we will plan it together and adapt after your goals, wants and of course allergies.
This plan will take you towards your specific goal and we work in the nutrition so it will be food you like and love.

Training package

Here we will create a training program specific for you and your goals. You have to like it even if it will be a lot of hardwork, pain creates goals. We adapt the program after how many days a week you can train, hours etc. It will be a program that will last.
Training is all about having a strong enough goal and also it has to be fun, so we will plan everything together until we have the perfect one for you.


To create something that will last you have to put in the work, nothing will come for free but everything that cost will be worth it”


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